AsTra model

Regional economic module (REM)

The Regional Economic Module (REM) mainly calculates the generation and spatial distribution of freight transport volume and passenger trips. The number of passenger trips is driven by employment situation, car-ownership development and number of people in different age classes. Trip generation is performed individually for each of the 71 zones of the ASTRA model. Distribution splits trips of each zone into three distance categories of trips within the zone and two distance categories crossing the zone borders and generating OD-trip matrices with 71x71 elements for three trip purposes. Freight transport is driven by two mechanisms: Firstly, national transport depends on sector production value of the 15 goods producing sectors where the monetary output of the input-output table calculations are transferred into volume of tons by means of value-to-volume ratios. For freight distribution and the further calculations in the transport module the 15 goods sectors are aggregated into three goods categories. Secondly, international freight transport i.e. freight transport flows that are crossing national borders are generated from monetary Intra-European trade flows of the 15 goods producing sectors. Again transfer into volume of tons is performed by applying value-to-volume ratios that are different from the ones applied for national transport. In that sense the export model provides generation and distribution of international transport flows within one step on the base of monetary flows.


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