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2022 Impact assessment on measures to better manage and coordinate international rail traffic, including through revised rules for capacity allocation and infrastructure charging in rail (report available soon)
2022 Impact assessment support study for the new proposal addressing the development of multimodal digital mobility services and a cost-benefit analysis for the revision of Delegated Regulation (EU) 2017/1926 on multimodal travel information services (report available soon)
2022 Analysis accompanying the Impact Assessment for the revision of Directive 92/106/EEC (Combined Transport Directive) (report available soon)
2021 The Future European Energy System

Book on renewable energy, flexibility options and technological progress for the decarbonisation of the European energy system published by SpringerNature
2020-2021 Analysis accompanying the Impact Assessment for the revision of the Guidelines for the development of the trans-European transport network
2020-2021 Impact Assessment Support Study for the revision of the Intelligent Transport System Directive
2019-2020 Study on exploring the possible employment implications of connected and automated driving Final report
2017-2019 The impact of TEN-T completion on growth, jobs and the environment Final report
2017-2018 Support studies for Impact Assessment of deployment of Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems Final report
2016-2019 REFLEX project Analysis of the European energy system under the aspects of flexibility and technological progress Transport trends in the context of future energy scenarios
2016-2019 SET-NAV project
Navigating the Roadmap for Clean, Secure and Efficient Energy Innovation
2018 Investigating the impact of e-bikes on modal share and greenhouse emissions: a system dynamic approach

21st EURO Working Group on Transportation Meeting, EWGT 2018, Braunschweig, Germany
2016-2017 Impact assessment accompanying the revision of Eurovignette Directive for Heavy Goods Vehicles charging
2015-2016 Move-C-ITS Study on the deployment of C-ITS in Europe Final report
2016 GHG Mitigation Strategy in the European Transport Sector

Energy and Environment, Volume 1 (June 2016)
2012-2014 FUTRE project
investigating the challenges for the European transport sector in the long term and developing strategic options for European transport research policy
EUR 27805 report – The future of transport industry
2014 Measures to promote the diffusion of alternative fuel vehicles in EU27

5th Transport Research Arena 2014 (TRA), Paris
2014 Assessment of social and economic impacts of transport policy

5th Transport Research Arena 2014 (TRA), Paris
2014 Tariffazione dell’uso delle infrastrutture stradali da parte dei veicoli pesanti: la valutazione d’impatto di politiche a scala europea

Rivista di economia e politica dei trasporti (REPoT) (2014)
2012-2013 Impact Assessment: Possible Commission proposals for further revisions of Directive 1999/62/EC
Ex-post evaluation of transport infrastructure charging policy
2011-2013 ASSIST
Assessing the Social and Economic Impacts of Past and Future Sustainable Transport
Description of the ASTRA-EC model and of the user interface
2013 Dynamic demand modelling of freight fleets

31st International conference of the System Dynamics Society 2013, Cambridge MA, USA. ISBN 978-1-935056-12-06.
2009-2012 GHG-TransPoRD
Reducing greenhouse-gas emissions of transport beyond 2020: linking R&D, transport policies and reduction targets
Aligned R&D and transport policy to meet EU GHG reduction targets
2012 Reducing the Climate Impact of Transport – Technologies and Policies for Road Transport

30th International Conference of the System Dynamics Society, St. Gallen, Schweiz. ISBN 978-1-935056-09-6.
2011 The Potential of Alternative Fuel Technologies and of Efficiency Technologies for Heavy Goods Vehicles

12th International Symposium on Heavy Vehicle Transport Technology HVTT12, Stockholm, Sweden.
2011 Technological Potential for CO2 Emission Reductions of Passenger Cars

Rothengatter W. et al. (Eds.): Transport Moving to Climate Intelligence: New Chances for Controlling Climate Impacts of Transport after the Economic Crisis. New York (u.a.) : Springer Science+Business Media, 2011, S. 271-290.
2010 The ASTRA model for strategic assessment of transport policies

System Dynamics Review - Special Issue: System Dynamics and Transportation
2010 The potential of alternative fuel cars for achieving CO2 reduction targets in EU27
12th World Conference on Transport Research
2010 A transport scenario for Europe until 2050 in a 2-degree World

12th World Conference on Transport Research
2007-2010 ITREN-2030
assessment of European energy and climate policy on transport and the whole economy, including modeling of the economic crisis
The iTREN-2030 Integrated Scenario until 2030
2009 ADAM
developing global and European climate policy strategies
ADAM 2 - degree scenario for Europe - policies and impacts
2009 IKEP-Makro
economic assessment of German energy and climate policy
Gesamtwirtschaftliche Wirkungen von Energieeffizienzmaßnahmen in den Bereichen Gebäude, Unternehmen und Verkehr
2009 Employ-RES
assessment of growth and employment impacts of renewable Energy policy in Europe
The impact of renewable energy policy on economic growth and employment in the European Union
2009 System-Based Analysis of Income Distribution Impacts on Mobility Behaviour. Nomos-Verlag, Baden-Baden, Germany Book available in libraries
2008 KlimInvest
economic assessment of German Meseberger Energy and Climate Program
Investitionen für ein klimafreundliches Deutschland
2008 PSz-IV
developing and assessing policies for climate mitigation in the German transport sector
Politikszenarien für den Klimaschutz IV - Szenarien bis 2030
2006-2008 HOP!
impact of high oil prices on transport, energy and the EU economy
HOP: Scenarios assumptions and models interface

HOP: Quantification of direct and indirect impacts for the EU
2008 High Oil Price, the Transport System and the European Economy: Some Results from a Model Based Analysis

European Transport Conference 2008
2008 Impact on resource use and emissions of transport by using renewable energy and hydrogen as transport fuel Efficiency of resources in the context of the debate of sustainability, Nomos, Baden-Baden Download
2008 Bringing distributed software development to SD modelling with Vensim

2008 International Conference of the System Dynamics Society
2005-2007 TRIAS
integrated analysis of energy and transport system changes
TRIAS outlook for global transport and energy demand
2007 TRIAS - Sustainability Impact Assessment of Strategies Integrating Transport, Technology and Energy Scenarios

European Transport Conference 2007
2007  Reframing sustainable transport: exploring hydrogen strategies using Integrated Sustainability Assessment (ISA)

4th BMBF - Forum for Sustainability
2007 Shifting transport towards hydrogen: scenarios and sustainability impact assessment

11th World Conference on Transport Research
2007 Renewable energies in the 21st century: building a more sustainable future

Commission of the European communities Renewable Energy Road Map Impact assessment
2006 Assessing economic impacts of large scale transport infrastructure projects: the case of the Lyon-Turin corridor

85th TRB Annual Meeting
2006 Assessing economic impacts of large-scale transport infrastructure projects – case of Lyon-Turin corridor

Transportation Research Record Series Finance, Economics and Economic Development 2006
2006 The impact of Trans-European Networks on cohesion and employment

European Parliament – DG Internal Policies
2005-2006 STEPs
integrated analysis of energy and transport system changes
Modelling suite for Scenarios Simulations
2005 Macroeconomic analysis of transport pricing regimes for the EU

Advanced OR and All Methods in Transportation, Publishing House of Pozman University of Technology
2005 Strategic Sustainability Analysis: Concept and application for the assessment of European Transport Policy. Nomos-Verlag, Baden-Baden, Germany. Book available in libraries
2005 Assessment of the contribution of the TEN and other transport policy measures to the midterm implementation of the White Paper on the European Transport Policy for 2010

European Commission - DG TREN 
2004 Linking European Transport Models 

European Transport Conference 2004
2004 Assessing direct or indirect benefits of transport? Comparing benefits of transport policies within the transport market versus within other markets with the ASTRA model

10th World Conference on Transport Research
2004 Modelling the feedbacks between trade and transport

10th World Conference on Transport Research
2004 Policy Support Tools for Transport Issues

European Commission - Joint Research Centre (DG JRC) - IPTS
impact assessment of road pricing
2003-2004 LOTSE project
development of the ASTRA model
2003 Improving assessment of transport policies by dynamic cost-benefit analysis

Transportation Research Record Series, No. 1839
2002 IPTS-Employment
Assessing welfare effects of trade changes as part of the IPTS project to analyse the Lisbon strategy “Impact of Technological and Structural Change on Employment: Prospective analysis 2020”
WELFARE AND EMPLOYMENT EFFECTS CAUSED BY INTERNATIONAL TRADE: A qualitative and quantitative analysis with regard to innovation friendly policies
2002 Impact of Technological and Structural Change on Employment: Prospective Analysis 2020

Committee on Employment and Social Affairs of the European Parliament
2001-2003 TIPMAC
macro-economic impacts of transport policy
2000 Strategic Sustainability Analysis (SSA) - Broadening Existing Assessment Approaches for Transport Policies

3rd Biennial Conference of the European Society for Ecological Economics 2000
1997-2000 ASTRA
Assessment of Transport Strategies
ASTRA Final Report

ASTRA model development and description

ASTRA model - appendices


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