AsTra model

Model development

The ASTRA model has been developed since 1997 by IWW Karlsruhe and TRT Trasporti e Territorio first under the coordination of Prof. Werner Rothengatter and later of Dr. Wolfgang Schade. Since 2005, the model has been improved and maintained in the course of various projects by Fraunhofer ISI and TRT. Starting from 2015, M-Five is part of the team for the development of the model.

ASTRA milestones

2019-2020 - Development of the ASTRA 2.0 version of the model
2017-2018 - Enhancement of the linkage with the TRUST network model
2017-2018 - Extension to EU 28 countries (addition of Croatia), revision of vehicle fleet modules (vehicle technologies and vehicle types for private and commercial vehicles)
2016-17 - Improvement of the linkage with transport network model and development of automated routines for the integration of the ASTRA-EC model in the JRC transport modelling platform
2011–2013 – Development of the ASTRA-EC version of the model, including structural improvements for the assessment of social impacts and increased geographical differentiation (NUTS2 level) of the transport module
2007-2010 - Linkage with bottom-up models for climate policy assessment, economic assessment of impacts of high oil prices, employment impact of renewable energy policy
2005-2007 - Inclusion of renewable energy models, consolidation and linkage with energy models
2003 - Extension to EU 27 countries + Norway and Switzerland
2001 - Structural adaptation to EU 15 countries, 25 sectors
1997 - Start of model development


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