AsTra model

National versions

The ASTRA-IT model builds on the European model, adding specific features and providing a regional break down for Italy of a group of key variables. Basically the original model is largely untouched with the exception of the zoning system used for the transport module, based on 21 NUTS2 zones. A NUTS2-based origin-destination matrix is used in the transport module, where also intra-NUTS2 trips are modelled in three different distance bands, thus providing a full coverage of mobility. Several transport parameters (e.g. transport costs) are defined at the regional level as well. The transport module can work entirely with endogenous data, but it can also exchange variables with an external network model in order to further improve the modelling of transport demand (since transport networks are not modelled in ASTRA-IT). In ASTRA-IT the regional detail is available not only for transport demand, but also for the car fleet module (where the development of regional fleets is fully simulated) and the environmental module (computing emissions) and the economic module. A working version of the model is existing and further improvements (e.g. a brand new economic model) are being experimented.


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