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The ASTRA model has been developed since 1997 by IWW Karlsruhe and TRT Trasporti e Territorio first under the coordination of Prof. Werner Rothengatter and later of Dr. Wolfgang Schade. Since 2005, the model has been improved and maintained in the course of various projects by Fraunhofer ISI and TRT. Starting from 2015, M-Five is part of the team for the development of the model.

TRT Trasporti e Territorio srl, Italy

TRT Trasporti e Territorio is an Italian consultancy specialised in economics, transport planning and models, providing services and carrying out research activities in quantitative analysis, planning and economic evaluation of transport and land use policies. Founded in 1992, with premises in Milan and Brussels (Belgium), the Company has gained a strong reputation in its professional and R&D activities supporting public and private decision makers. The Company has professional expertise in the following areas: research projects, planning and development of transport policies, feasibility studies and project assessment, transport demand analysis and forecasting, planning and regulation of public transport, freight transport and logistics, energy and environment. TRT professional staff includes experts in the fields of transport modelling, engineering and economics, urban and regional planning, statistics and operation research and is accustomed to working in multidisciplinary teams and international consortia. Close co-operation has been established with national and international research institutes, universities and consultants to offer a wider range of services including environmental, institutional and management themes.

M-Five GmbH, Germany

M-Five is offering holistic research and consulting services in the areas of mobility of the future and economic impacts assessments. The two areas are connected by the analysis of innovations to implement sustainable mobility. M-Five experts have key competences in the innovation systems of the different transport modes and the development of alternative futures of mobility. Together with their sound knowledge of societal trends and economic structure they deliver strategic advice to our clients. The scientific background of our experts enable a systemic approach that integrates know-how about the mobility industries, about the political and technological framework conditions, about the actors and their strategies with the methods of systems analysis and system dynamics modeling. As a result we deliver strategic recommendations to policy-makers, businesses and NGOs that are based on scientific, qualitative and quantitative reasoning.

Fraunhofer-ISI - Institute Systems and Innovation Research, Germany

The Fraunhofer Institute Systems and Innovation Research (ISI) is part of the Fraunhofer Society for Applied Research in Germany (FhG), a non-profit corporation, promoting applied research and assuring the link between fundamental and industrial research. ISI complements the scientific and technological spectrum of the technology-focused majority of Fraunhofer Institutes through interdisciplinary research in the fields of technology assessment, innovation behaviour, R&D strategies, economic and societal consequences of technologies and policies in fields like energy, transport and water. The ISI competence centre "Sustainability and Infrastructures" with its Business Area on Transportation Systems covers the analysis of transport, energy and climate policies, the assessment of innovation systems and environmental impacts, scenario development, economic and social implications of technologies as well as of policies, macro-economic assessment and the development of policy programmes.


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