AsTra model

National versions

The ASTRA-DE model is derived from the European model. Development started from the population, macro-economic and freight transport models. Further modules like passenger transport, vehicle fleets and environment are under construction.

Concentrating the model on one country enables to enrich the details of the model. The economic module in particular has been extended to cover 57 sectors instead of 25 sectors, which is coherent with the German input-output tables as only two sectors always containing zeros have been eliminated from the table with 59 sectors.

The second major change concerns the spatial representation. Instead of implementing four functional zones for Germany, the spatial structure is completely build on NUTS-II i.e. 39 zones are implemented. The population module and the freight transport modules have been the first to become implemented on the level of 39 zones. The transport modules have been restructured as well such that the number of distance bands has been reduced. The model is currently applied in two projects assessing the impacts of sustainable transport and climate friendly transport in Germany.


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